Following my interview with Shaun Majumder, I had the chance to see HATE. The almost sold-out audience happily shared in Majumder’s frustration and confusion to the continued hate that surrounds the Trump presidency, and its effect even up in the Great White North. Majumder opened with the acknowledgment that yes, it has been a year […]

Have you ever had one of those 3am conversations with a fellow music aficionado, sitting on the floor with vinyl records strewn about, ABC 178C ALFA ROMEO GT COMPETITION GENEVE MOTOR SHOW 2004debating the merits of certain genres of music in a kind of stream-of-consciousness free-flow of observations and criticisms? If not, AC COBRA 289 whiteHE, voiture miniature 1 18e NOREV 182752Fred Armisen can give you the full experience. Saturday night at the […]

I woke up this morning and saw my weather app tell me that there was going to be thunderstorms today. Luckily,ABC 307 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500 MINISTERIAL BALOCH 1950 DON CAMILLO that was a lie. Under the somewhat cloudy sky, the bands played on. My personal highlight of the day was Metalachi playing three Iron Maiden songs in a row in their unique “Heavy Metal […]


Michael Che is the first Just for Laughs Gala host, ABC Brianza 1 43 Ferrari 365 GT NARTor at least the first host I’ve seen, to fully embrace all aspects of the job. It’s not just having a solid standup set for the beginning, which he did. It’s also not just having the ability to riff on and with the audience, which […]

Toronto based metal band Cancer Bats played Heavy Montreal yesterday and we had a chance to sit down with vocalist Liam Corimier and bassist Jaye R. Schwarzer. AC Shelby Cobra 427 Modellauto 1 32 Repredec Slot Racing Yellow Allen GrantThey spoke about Montreal construction, ABC Brianza 327 - PORSCHE MONCENISIO STUDIO TORINO NORDKAPP 2014 1 43our designation as a heavy metal city and playing the festival: Facebook Comments


Heavy Montreal 2019 started off on one of the hottest Saturdays of the year so far.ABC BRIANZA KIT BRK43078 ALFA ROMEO 103 1954 But the organizers were prepared, because there were water sprinklers literally everywhere to keep the metalheads cool. That being said,ABC BRIANZA KIT BRK43186 MASERATI MC12 2004 CORSA PRESENTAXZIONE 2004 the amount of long-haired headbangers would probably also be enough for that. If you’ve ever stood in front of […]

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To say Trevor Noah has abundant energy would be an understatement. ABC BRIANZA KIT BRK43258 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500 FRECCIA goldEN AXES. WHITE 1956After four days of hosting The Daily Show he flew to Montreal and delivered over an hour of standup at the Bell Centre. AC19167 DC-8-40 1 200 Model N9604Z Canadian Pacific Airlines w Ground EquipmentI’ll admit our hockey palace seems like an odd venue for a comedy show, AC219471 DC-8-51 1 200 Model N8069U United Airlinesbut it worked. This one night only [ABC BRIANZA KIT BRK43294 Alfa ROMEO 1900 GIARDINIERA CH.1074 PARIS-NICE 1951…]